I'm a multidisciplinary designer, creative strategist, filmmaker, speaker and author. My work has been featured in design magazines, books, websites, TV shows, and award shows across the globe. My goal is to help grow businesses, increase brand awareness and revenue while delivering a well executed solution based on strategy.

Marv Castillo 
His work has appeared in magazines such as Peppersoul (Colombia), Design Collector (United Kingdom), Experimenta (Spain), 36 Days of Type (Spain), Design Ideas (United States), Creative Logo (United Kingdom), Basque Design Museum, Packaging of the World (United States), thefutur. (United States), among other magazines in countries like Russia, Germany, Perú, Honduras, Guatemala and Argentina. Other design projects appeared the 2018 edition of the Favourite Design book published by the Arôme Agency (France) in 2018. Also he has been featured in The Best of Doméstika three times and his work has been imparted and use as references in several design schools and agencies.
The 2018 project 36 Days of Type and Movies and its sequel released in 2018 got picked up by editorials to be released as books after it success on social media. His project Inktober Alternate Dictionary got recognized by many magazines and is also becoming an essay book to be released in mid 2020.

In 2019, he was interviewed by The Logo Creative, one of most important branding blogs worldwide and was also featured in Designcollector magazine and Design Ideas for my illustration projects Inktober and 36 Days of Type Volume 2.

He participated in award winning campaigns for Chevrolet which count with one Facebook Success Story, two golden Effies (also shortlisted for a Black Effie) and one bronze Effie. Owns 20+ awards in illustration,  work has also been picked up by Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet. Castillo was part of the Emmy Award Winning generation of hitRECord back in 2014 as an art director and script doctor. Illustration and design work has been recognized by figures like Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Marshmello, James Gunn, Slipknot, David Dastmalchian, Naughty Dog, Mark Hamill, Slayer, Jaimie Alexander, among many others.
- Marvel Entertainment - Netflix Ltd. - Coca-Cola. - Dos Pinos - Sony Television - Ruby Rose. - McDonald's - Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin - Facebook - Claro - Coyol Free Zone - Johnnie Walker - Smirnoff - J&B - Baileys - Bticino - Legrand - Uber Eats - Spoon - Café 1820 - Toyota - La Completa - Heineken - Materia Prima - Kuora - Nacional de Chocolates - Imperial - Vivento - Heinz - Banquete - Miracle Whip - Frubot - Frux - Colados Heinz - Kool Aid - Ambar - Marlboro - Diversa - Cyclops Hub. - Pragma Legal. - DC Comics. - Burger King. - Villalobos y Asociados. - Joseph Gordon Levitt's Emmy Award Winning show hitRECord - Cacique. - Taco Bell - Pozuelo - World Vision - AMPM - MO Project - Valvanera - Coopeservidores - Geek Broadside - Mercado de Valores - Universidad Fidélitas - Chevrolet Costa Rica - Chevrolet Nicaragua - Chevrolet Honduras - Huawei - Pilsen - Mono Cromático - Ketel One - Old Parr - Garnier BBDO - Leo Burnett - Na Praia - La Curacao - Lincoln Plaza - Various national musicians - Tanqueray - GrupoQ - Terminal 7-10 - Terrazas Lindora - Isuzu - Laboratorios Zepol - Mutante - La Salsa - Super Perro - Grab&Go - MNG - Texas Tech University - Crate and Barrel - Florida Bebidas - Amazon - Slipknot - Red 506 - TEDx - Quiznos - Chiky - Auto Mercado - LAICA

Golden Effie - Shopper Experience.
Golden Effie - Releases.
1 Bronze Effie - Awareness and testing.
Shortlist - Black Effie.
Facebook Success Story.
Emmy Award - Outstanding Interactive Program.
Festival Volcán - Silver.
Festival Volcán - Gold.
Festival Volcán - Shortlist.
Best of Doméstika
· mono cromático (co-owner)
· MO Project (co-owner)
· Geek Broadside (founder and editor-in-chief)
· Otter Love
· The Remixes.
· Sofá Café.

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